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Mazzagadda Press was founded by Alex S. Garcia in November 2012...

I bet you're wondering about the name, aren't you? Come on, admit it!

Well, to be honest, we did consider (upon my strong insistence) calling ourselves Heretowith Press... but there was much heated debate (from certain parties) over the wisdom of using an (alleged) imaginary word as our main designation.

So, instead, we picked the crazy name with the double D's, the double Z's and all those pesky A's. Which, you'll note, is not A Real Word (tm) either.

So why this one? The boss says it ''sounds cool.'' I say it just accounts for his bad taste. He says I'm biased. Which, I guess, I am.

So, Mazzagadda it is! But don't let all those letters fool you...

Here's a secret formula that may help:

MZZ + GDD + (4xA)

Just don't get them mixed up, you never know what may happen...

Enough said!

All contents on this website are
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except where noted otherwise.

Last updated: December 19, 2012