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That's me! I don't like to brag, but I'm a physiognomist. I obtained my PhD from the University of Universal Integrity and Admirability at Azkanal (UUIAA). It forms the best integrists and admirabilists in all the known universe -- but the physiognomy courses there are quite good, too. Even Hogwarts can't compare.

My friends say I'm of the ''happy-go-lucky'' sort. I don't know anything about that. But I do love to be happy and think we're quite lucky to live in such a wonderful world. So maybe that's what they mean.

I like the fresh air of the city on a quiet summer night, the busy streets of Harlem (such a charming neighborhood), the sweet scent of rosebuds in the morning... I'm really not quite good at writing these things, you know.

More to the point, I currently lead a team of stalwart ectoderms in a quest to uncover the well and long-hidden secrets of achromatism, melanism, solarism, absurdism, pluralism, organism, optimism... and... er... and pretty much everything else that ends with -ism. Hmm.

I also teach the art of ectomorphing and phishing... or rather, I think I should say: ectomorphism and phishism... I probably should add those two to my -ism list, too.

Oh, and in my spare time -- it would not do to forget mentioning it -- I write reviews for Mazzagadda.

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