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Our man Manfred! He handles all our interviews. Amazing guy, really. Very comfortable around all sorts of people -- or creatures, for that matter. And of all types, too.

He has been a journalist for many years. You might have seen (or heard) his work in such well established and acclaimed medias as The Honeysucker Daily, Telegraphed Thoughts or Morning Sickness TV... I know, that last one sounds scary, but it actually offers quite interesting and entertaining content... I did have to skip breakfast, though, that one time I watched it. But I suppose that's not a bad thing to do, on occasion.

Other than that, he's a lively fellow, with quite a vivid imagination. He once confided that he dreamed of becoming a professional sedantarologist... wait, what? No, that can't be right. Excavologist? No. Edenalogist? No, no. Hmm. Oh! Meteorologist! That's it. But if that fails, though, he'll settle for novelist.

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