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Alice in Wonderland
by Lewis Carroll
Released December 19, 2012
Welcome to our humble abode! My name is Professor Hugsnaggle, and I shall be your guide.

Our mission, here at Mazzagadda Press -- I was told to tell ''with two D's, two Z's, and loads of A's'', to which I, with this, heretowith(1) comply -- is to bring you the greatest classics of international literature in ebook form. With, of course, new material. And at an affordable price.

These ebooks will cover a great range of genres -- from comedy and drama; to fairy tales, myths, Science-Fiction and fantasy.

As for this website, it is still in its early infancy and is planned to evolve throughout 2013.

(1) This is not A Real Word (tm)... do not try this at home... we are professionals... use at your own risk... and all that sort of cool stuff.

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Last updated: December 19, 2012