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Manfred Mangoose
Huey Hugsnaggle
Dee Ambrose
Zev the Ziir
Hector Wildlife
Alex S. Garcia

Guillaume Delacour


Zev is a bit scary, but down deep inside I know he's a decent human being... er, I mean, lizard. Though I suppose they might not like being called that. And by ''they'', I mean the Ziir, of course.

Still, he's a decent one, whatever he is. He's the quiet type. Not that he never speaks, but when he does it's because he truly has something to say, if you get my drift.

I'm not sure what his real job is -- I think, on his homeworld, he's some sort of scientist. He never really talks about it, though. But he has a bit of a fascination for our ''backward species'' (that's what he calls us)... So, whenever he visits Earth, he consents to write a few reviews to gratify us with his very unique views.

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